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What Should I Ask A Real Estate Attorney Before Hiring Them?

Hiring an attorney should never be taken lightly and just because someone has a license to practice law doesn’t mean they are the right attorney for your situation.

Unfortunately, real estate, along with estate planning, are areas of practice where a lot of attorneys try to handle a transaction without having a lot of experience in that particular area of the law. If I were to ever hire an attorney I would be certain that the attorney I am hiring spends most of their time practicing in that area of law. You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor if you had a heart problem, would you?

So, how do you know if you are choosing the right attorney for your problem? Here are a few questions to consider when you are looking to hire a real estate attorney:

  1. How many transactions like mine have you handled?
  2. What is your billing process?
  3. Who else will be working on my transaction?
  4. Are you up to date on all the local laws and requirements?

Lauren Jackson focuses her practice primarily in the areas of real estate, estate planning, probate, and business succession planning, although her background includes contracts and corporate formation as well. Lauren’s unintimidating, caring approach has garnered her a respectable reputation all over Northern Illinois. With her dedication for efficient cost effective services, you will learn that when you retain Lauren you have a reachable attorney with your best interests in mind. (Hence, why we love her at FlipChicks Coaching). You can connect with Lauren on her website at: http://laurenjacksonlaw.com/