Flip Chick [flip/chick] – noun:

A woman with a vision who does whatever it takes to make her wildest lifestyle dreams come true. She is a savvy and powerful real estate investor who is making a difference in her community, she is financially free, and she is leaving a legacy.

Margaret Kim

slide3bI heard Tony Robbins say one time, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” After another 80 hour work week, I was certain he was speaking directly to me. I asked myself, would another 80 hours of work this week have gotten me closer to my goal, or further away?

I had three kids at home, who I hadn’t tucked into bed at night for almost a month. My family was my motivation for being successful, but based on where I was spending my time, they were not high on my list of priorities. The concept that I needed a new strategy and not to work harder was a novel idea to me at the time. After all, my dad taught me that you had to work hard for your money, and if it was easy, it was sleezy. But I knew that what I was doing was not sustainable. I finally said “enough is enough”.

The true story is I was not an overnight sensation. I was a teen mom, turned computer geek, turned business owner, turned real estate success story, but I was always an entrepreneur at heart. That’s why my favorite stories from my students are those that were once thought to be impossible; the single mom who puts her kids through college, the wife who is supporting the family after her husband got cancer, the “mature” couple that didn’t think they could ever afford to retire, and they were too old to start a new career. If all I do is inspire others to believe in themselves, to choose never again to be the victim of someone else’s bad decisions, to take their dreams off the shelf and make them a reality, then for me it’s a successful day. My best days are when my message is put into action, and the lives of people are made better.

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Nate Lindquist

Nate is a life and business results coach, speaker, author and serial lifestyle entrepreneur with over 2 decades in business – who grew his 4 businesses from the age of 16, featuring his marketing firm, Innerspire, which he grew to 7 figure revenue and years of successful service to business owners. Now, a successful coaching practice, Innerspire and his Nate Lindquist Results brand are the example of a Minimalist CEO business – with a team of incredible talent and a scalable business operation that allows him the freedom to work anywhere, while serving clients globally.

Using his GIFTS Formula Coaching Program, Nate launched his coaching business to high 6 figures in revenue in just a few months, while using the principles he teaches to launch his first seminar to 6 figure revenue in 6 hours. As a coach, Nate was instrumental in relaunching a small oil company to over $500k in new profits in under 3 months, doubled the ticket sales to a NASCAR speedway event in just 27 days, and has helped dozens of clients gain new enthusiasm, clarity and fearless ability to heed their true calling, while building their businesses in a minimalist, virtual model – to name only a few of his proven successes.
Nate has served national and international clients, from Velcro USA, Cabot Cheese and ABC to local and regional businesses like Putnam Fuel and Bedford Commons OBGYN. He has spoken for many private and public organizations and businesses, being featured on the stages of the NH Creative Club, The AHA Success Summit, ABC, Barnes & Noble, Russo’s on the Bay with Joseph McClendon III, Tony Robbins Leadership Bootcamp and Chet Holmes International’s – Ultimate Business Mastery Group – to name a few..